Monday, October 31, 2016

Think the 2016 Election Will Change Things for the Better for Student Loan Borrowers and their Families?  

Think again.

Clinton, Trump, Members of Congress and all their pals on Wall Street and investors Everywhere can seek relief from insolvency and huge debt from Federal Bankruptcy laws in the US of A.  Invest in yourself by going to college and borrowing money to do so, graduate to a low-paying job market or get sick and unable to afford paying your student loans and YOU HAVE NO SUCH PROTECTION.  Ditto for parents who step up and help their kids by co-signing for a student loan but who are saddled with it if - for whatever reason - the child cannot or does not pay it back!

Time to start asking those we elect why this is the case? Why there is no equal protection of the law(s) when it comes to people investing in themselves? Perhaps it has something to do with all that campaign money given to incumbents by Federal Student Loan collection agencies and federal contractors and also to LOBBY the people you elect? See, for instance, info at these links:


What to do:  Learn how to run for Congress and do so starting in 2017. See how responsive those we elect suddenly become!  And if not, replace them and get going yourself to change the laws so they apply to ALL investors, especially to college student loan borrowers and their families who invest in themselves but who get no positive return on their investment!

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